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Shipping Delivery Policy

Shipping Delivery Policy


Baggage Freight works with the world's largest and best courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS for International Worldwide movements.  We also work with TNT, AAE and others for domestic movements within Australia.

Baggage Freight offers an easy INSTANT online freight comparison and instant booking  system for online users.

Our website acts as a freight broker only, and we do not own or carry items within our own vehicles.  Our aim is to provide the easiest and quickest freight comparison and booking solution for individuals and small businesses.

We require that all online users, booking through our website adhere to the terms and conditions as stipulated on our TERMS & CONDITIONS page

Online user will be responsible for understanding and selecting the most appropriate service, when proceeding to book a collection.  A list of freight services is also provided CLICK HERE

Online user will be responsible for tracking own consignment, keeping consignment note for tracking purposes and understanding transit time at the time of booking.


  • 1) Please Label each and every single parcel, with name, address, postcode and phone number
  • 2) Ensure safe and proper packaging of each parcel (allow cushioning for small drop)
  • 3) If a driver fails to collect, please notify us, so we can rebook another collection
  • 4) A driver has the right to refuse collection due to insufficient packaging or insufficient labelling,
  • 5) A driver may refuse to collect suspicious or dangerous goods
  • 6) Please ensure you are in at the time at the agreed collection time, or a FAILED COLLECTION fee will apply
  • 7) Please understand transit time, at time of booking, to ensure Receiver will be in to receive goods
  • 8) If any variation to the weight & dimensions of the parcels being shipped are found, surcharges will apply plus additional freight costs for the difference will be charged to the credit card originally billed for the service already provided.