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x-Cart Shipping Module


Quickly & Easily Integrate Shipping Rates into Your x-cart eCommerce Platform!

Properly managing Australian postage and shipping as well as International postage and shipping is vital to your ultimate business success.

That’s why here at Baggage Freight we’ve developed a powerful shipping solution for online stores that lets you accurately display postage and freight charges to your online customers.

This means you will no longer have to manually search for the best shipping options and then negotiate with customers on which method to use.

Our powerful shipping application features low, reliable rates and a variety of shipping options – plus, it works perfectly with the x-cart ecommerce platform.

When it comes to making sales you can’t take shipping costs for granted – they hold considerable weight in the buying decision process of most customers. By integrating Baggage Freight’s shipping module into your web store, you will ensure your customers have the essential information they need to proceed with a purchase – and you will save yourself a lot of administrative work.

Fill out the short form below or call 1300 748 510 to learn even more about our shipping rates calculator and how it can benefit your x-cart shopping platform.

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