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Business Catalyst Plugin


Provide Your Customers With Accurate, Real-Time Shipping Quotes on Businesscatalyst CMS!

When it comes to IT brands, there are none stronger than Adobe. For 30 years, they have been releasing industry standard product after product, most notably their range of graphic design, multi media and web development software all included in the Adobe Product Suite. 

It was a natural progression for them to move into the online website fulfillment industry, and they have done so in style. Few monthly options can compete with them in terms of features for the price, with an enterprise ecommerce system costing less than $40 a month. 

Of course, no enterprise level ecommerce system would be complete without an enterprise level freight tool, and our Adobe Business Catalyst Freight plugin is enterprising indeed, in providing its users with:- 

a. Online, real time price comparisons of multiple Australian courier and shipping companies. 

b. Import of quoted priced direct into your Adobe Business Catalyst System. 
Save time and money by avoiding being a freight price finder for potential customers who may just be tyre kicking… or worse still… impatient buyers who will have you looking for prices whilst they have already gone and bought elsewhere. 

Fastrack you freight pricing today and install our Adobe Business Catalyst Plugin – and enterprising freight solution for your enterprise. 

 To learn more, fill out the form below or call 1300 748 510 

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