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Virtuemart Shipping Plugin

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Attention Virtuemart Users:

Providing Customers With Accurate Shipping Rates is Now a Whole Lot Easier!

How would you like to increase sales through your Virtuemart(1.1.9) shopping cart?

Well, one of the best ways to do just that is to start providing your customers with low, accurate shipping rates and it just so happens that Baggage Freight has a powerful shipping integration tool for Virtuemart that does exactly that.

Our shipping application is incredibly easy to use and works seamlessly with the Virtuemart ecommerce platform – so your customers can instantly get the vital shipping information they need to proceed with the purchase of your product or service.

Plus, by integrating our shipping solution into your online store, you’ll save yourself from manually shopping around for freight, invoicing and negotiating with customers to find an acceptable shipping method.

Ready to learn more about having our exciting shipping module integrated into your web store and how doing so can immediately increase your sales? Fill out the short form below or call 1300 748 510 now.

Download Plugin    Download Integration Guide