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Joomla Shipping Plugin

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Improve Your Customers’ Shopping Experience With Our Shipping Plugin Solution for Joomla(2.5, 1.5)! 

One of the big 3 open source, php systems, Joomla is No.2 in Australia in terms of numbers using it and it’s no wonder. It’s got lots of useful plugins, it’s easy to use, its been around a long time and there are many developers using it. Only Wordpress outstrips it in terms of use, but ask any Joomla fan and they’ll tell you Wordpress is for blogs, Joomla is for serious content management and shopping carts. 

If you have a Joomla shop and are using a freight system such as AU Post, then you’d be aware of the limitations. 

 a. You can’t send large items.

 b. You can’t send small items, registered, insurance AND express.

 c. Australia Post is very slow delivering to some regions. And expensive. 
If you are after a system that solves all of these issues – have a look at the Baggage Freight Joomla Shipping Plugin. It works with (Virtuemart 1.1.9, 2.0) and allows you to provide your customers with a real time, best price on freight from our many couriers, all competing to provide you with the cheapest price.
No more wasting time looking up prices for large items, of just for normal items where you want to be sure the goods arrive… and if they don’t… it’s not you left holding the bag of responsibility. 

The plugin itself is free, and we provide support in its installation and ongoing use. 

Install it today and say goodbye to incomplete carts because of freight calculation issues.

To learn more about how our shipping integration solution for online stores can benefit you and your customers, call 1300 748 510

Download Plugin    Download Integration Guide