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About Us

The Shipping Experts

Baggage Freight is one of Australia’s leading freight aggregator, offering an end to end, expert, efficient and cost reducing shipping solution to all online retail businesses


If you’re looking for a way to increase your efficiency, reduce costs and automate repetitive tasks involved with organising shipping for your customers without having to fork out on any expenses, Baggage Freight will help.

Simply put, Baggage Freight offers the most comprehensive delivery management platform for all e-commerce businesses. Whether you’re selling 3 or 3,000 items a day, our platform will automate your shipping process, in a networked environment, with an intuitive and configurable shipping calculator, which can now be integrated onto your e-commerce shopping carts (our API fits all major shopping carts and can be integrated with minimal fuss and costs) or eBay store (where we offer free and easy integration). 

With our huge customer base, all customers benefit from our pre-loaded, market-leading shipping, which we continue to improve with our group buying power. TNT, Toll Priority, Allied Express, Hunter Express and Australia Post are just some of the many couriers we work with. 

Baggage Freight has incredible networking support and its intelligent shipping calculator helps online businesses save time and money by fully automating the manual work that goes into organising delivery. This includes automatic generation and access to shipping labels and tracking numbers.

We value quality customer service and customer feedback, which is why we have a dedicated customer service team in South Australia and welcome feedback from all our customers on how we can optimise our technology further, to make the shipping process even easier.

Why Baggage Freight?

Integrates to all major shopping carts, which includes Magento, Joomla, Drupal and others
The only eBay Accredited Developer Program Member 
Free, easy integration, simplified shipping, 24/7 for all eBay stores
Market leading shipping rates
Save time and money
Auto generation of shipping labels and tracking numbers
Apply a flat rate or mark-up on any or all of your shipping
Multiple couriers for price comparison, which includes TNT, Toll Priority, Aus Post and others 
Fast and friendly support based in South Australia

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