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New Shipping Rate Calculator Works Seamlessly with osCommerce
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Increase your sales and reduce your workload with our shipping solution!

Baggage Freight has developed a powerful shipping module for web stores that instantly delivers accurate shipping costs to your customers right when they need it most – during the buying process.

This means no manually searching for shipping options and no going back and forth with customers to find an acceptable shipping method.

Now you can save time and money, plus our shipping application will also benefit your customers by providing them with instant access to low reliable shipping rates from popular freight companies such as TNT, Hunter Express, AAE and Allied Express for domestic shipping in Australia and TOLL, UPS and FedEx for international shipments.

Our shipping integration tool is easy to use, easy to install and works seamlessly with the osCommerce shopping cart platform.

To learn more about integrating freight to your online store, please fill out the form below or call 1300 748 510   today.

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