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Dot Net Nuke Plugin


Add a Powerful Freight Module to Your Dotnetnuke Storefront!


Undoubtedly the most popular of the .net content management systems is Dot net Nuke. Its been around since 2006, has hundreds of thousands of websites using it and tens of thousands of developers working with it. 
It comes in a free, open source version with slightly limited functionality, and larger more(much!) expensive enterprise editions that come with full phone support, something many larger businesses greatly appreciate. The free open source version if by far the most popular, and the active community provides free support and there is a large repository of free and paid addons. 

If your Ecommerce site is Australian based and built using Dot Net Nuke, you need to be plugging in the Dot Net Nuke Freight Plugin. Using our plugin you can:- 

a. Stop missing sales from carts left uncompleted when customers realize they can’t get an immediate price on freight. 

b. Save yourself time on freight lookups.

c. Stop relying on AU Post, who don’t handle large orders, and don’t provide insurance on express deliveries! Imagine that.. your clients want you to get them their goods asap, and you are the one left taking the risk that the goods won’t arrive if you send them express. 
It’s fast, its real time, the plugin itself is free and you get to offer your customers the best prices on freight as our freight companies compete for your business. 

Nuke your other freight solutions, and install the Bagagge Freight DO Net Nuke Freight Plugin. 

Fill out the form below or call 1300 748 510   for more details, including how we can seamlessly integrate our shipping application into your existing dotnetnuke storefront in no time.


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