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Wordpress, WooCommerce shipping plugin

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Start Offering Accurate, Real-Time Shipping Quotes to Your Wordpress, WooCommerce Customers!

Do customers regularly go to your shopping cart but then don’t complete the sale? Did you know that two of the biggest causes of incomplete sales are lack of shipping options and inaccurate shipping rates?

Well, it’s true. That’s why at Baggage Freight, we’ve developed a highly accurate shipping solution for online stores that quickly and easily integrates into your existing Wordpress, WooCommerce shopping cart to provide customers with instant access to the variety of shipping options and fantastic shipping rates that will compel them to continue on with the purchase of your product or service.

Product delivery is a vital part of the purchase process and our shipping rate calculator will ensure that your customers have quick, easy access to courier and freight rates to any part of Australia and the world.

Watch how Baggage Freight's shipping module works with Wordpress
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Download Plugin    Download Integration Guide
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