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Ubercart Shipping

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New Shipping Application for Ubercart(3.x) Unveiled!


Ready to integrate freight easily to your online store?

At Baggage Freight, we’ve developed a powerful shipping solution for Ubercart and other online store platforms that will put your customers’ minds at ease and allow you to dramatically increase your sales while reducing your workload.

Our shipping application delivers low, reliable rates for a variety of freight carriers, including TOLL, TNT, FedEx, AAE, Hunter Express, UPS and Allied Express.

Best of all, our shipping rate calculator works seamlessly with ubercart! That means you’ll save valuable time not having to manually find a shipping solution that best meets your customer’s needs and your customers will get a low-price, reliable shipping method.

Ready to learn more about how our shipping rate calculator can provide your customers with the vital shipping costs they need to complete a purchase?

To learn more about how our shipping integration solution for online stores can benefit you and your customers, call 1300 748 510

Download Plugin    Download Integration Guide