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Lightspeed Postage Calculator


Discover How to Easily Give Your Lightspeed Web Store Customers the Accurate Shipping Information
They Crave with a Postage Calculator


Make your Lightspeed Web Store even more of a complete shopping experience for your customers by adding our Lightspeed Postage Calculator.

With our calculator, your customers will be able to access priority shipping rates for Australia and the world … practically at the speed of light!

We have close relationships with all the major freight carriers, including international shippers such as FedEx, TOLL and UPS and domestic Australian shippers such as TNT, AAE, Allied Express and Hunter Express.

These close relationships allow us to offer a variety of shipping options and the lowest possible shipping rates.

It’s time to quickly and easily integrate freight to your online store. Let our Lightspeed Postage Calculator send your sales soaring while also saving you hours of administrative shipping work.

To learn more about our shipping integration and how we can put accurate shipping rates right at customers’ fingertips, please fill out the form below or call 1300 748 510 

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